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Not only are we passionate about work, we derive pleasure from it too because we understand that in order to achieve anything, work is a necessity we can not as yet live without.

“To make things happen, you have to make things.”

But - and this is the crux of it all - we fully acknowledge and appreciate that there is more to life than just work and that friends, is where the mangoes come in, because nothing tastes quite like paradise more than a golden-orange-ripe-and-juicy mango in the sunshine. Or… or in a mango daiquiri, because that works too!

Workmango was conceived in May 2020 during the global pandemic of 2020 on the realisation that many people would now have to work from home going forward.

Our founder, Ronald Ndoro Mind, also the principal behind Apartment 58, LIBRARY and ARBORETUM members clubs in London as well as Mycityvenue.com, Theneedleapp.com, Ndoro Children's Charities and IbexEarth moved to the Island of Antigua to live in March 2020. And it was this move that prompted him to come up with WorkMango to help facilitate anyone with an interest in relocating and working remotely. It was through Ronald's other work commitments in London, New York and Africa that it became obvious and apparent that living in Antigua or Barbados while working in another city is more than possible. It was this very process of working in paradise that led to the realisation that many other people could benefit from such a transition. 


And from this WorkMango was born.

The WorkMango community is a small group of people looking to thrive in a world beleagured by existential challenges, people interested in finding ways to more than exist. It is limited to 100 memberships per island. This is to ensure that service remains of the highest standard at all times. The initial intake was on a referral and invitation only basis. There are now a limited amount of spaces available.

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