1. What is WorkMango?

We are reimagining the relocation and living in paradise experience through an end-to-end
marketplace for essential day to day functions.

WorkMango is a smart concierge platform designed to push social and data driven interactions both online and offline: Online: it facilitates you connecting, engaging, sharing, learning, networking and planning your relocation to paradise. Offline: it facilitates you working remotely, more specifically, abroad-in-paradise by doing the heavy lifting so you never have to with expert local insider information, guides and discounts to the best the islands have to offer. We guarantee that using WorkMango will save you money when compared to going it alone. Because we group buy everything for our members, it means we offer the best prices and discounts available.

2. How do I become a member?<

All you have to do is APPLY HERE to join our community. We operate on a strict membership cap per territory to ensure we are able to provide the best service to our members. For information on Explorer membership - click here

3. Why do I need a membership subscription?

WorkMango is an online and offline community of people seeking to live beyond mere existence, eager to attain a natural work-life balance; hungry to thrive. To facilitate requests, one needs to be a member to receive the benefits of membership.

Membership grants you unlimited access to your account manager to facilitate your needs. We are able to create bespoke packages and programmes, refined to your liking. Membership allows you to choose the right package for you, access your own membership profile where you can manage all your preferences and communicate directly with the service providers and other members.

Remember, even if your package is only for 3 or 6 months, you will always maintain your membership rights until it expires – which means you can use your membership to paradise hop! 

4. Once I am a member, what happens next?

Membership is best for people looking to relocate to paradise and to work remotely. Once you become a member, we will send you accommodation packages along with the optional extras for you to select your preferred ‘home away from home’. If you are not happy with any of the options we provide you within 14 days from the acceptance of your membership, we will gladly refund your membership subscription fee. If we haven’t found something suitable but you still want to retain our services, then the membership is non-refundable after 14days.

5. Can I just buy an accommodation package without a membership subscription?

The short and simple answer is no. Your accommodation is one part of your membership and we want to make it easy for you to relocate, so we don’t offer any options outside of membership. 

If you’d like access to any of our offerings, you need to first become a member. Becoming a member is as simple as filling out an application form and paying the fees due. We expect that you will not apply unless you are serious about joining our community and that is all the criteria necessary, as we are a purpose driven membership community. 

6. What happens if I wish to cancel my membership?

We’ll be sad to see you go, but understand, things happen! You can cancel your subscription through your membership hub profile. Your membership will remain active for the remainder of its term and then lapse at the end of it. Should you not cancel your membership, it will auto-renew on its anniversary. Once accepted, membership is non-refundable after 14days.

7. What happens if I do not like my accommodation on arrival

Prior to confirming your booking, we will ensure that you receive a full description and images of the property. Once accepted, this becomes binding for the duration of your package. We will only be able to consider alternative accommodations where there is a material proven difference between the description and the actual property. Should there be a comparable property available within the same price package, we will gladly change this for you at no cost. You may also change your property by upgrading for a fee. We will at all times attempt to provide you with the best property available within your package selection.

8. What happens if something is not working or broken in the property

On arrival in your guest directory, we will provide you with useful contacts for any issues. All you have to do is follow the instructions and someone will come and sort your issue immediately. All of this can be done online from within your membership hub profile.

9. Will I meet other members?

Yes, WorkMango organises events where members can meet and interact – please check your events calendar in your hub profile

10. Are there places where I can work outside of my accommodation?

Yes, WorkMango has partnered up with serveral venues on each island where you can turn up and they will look after you as a WM member. You will even receive up to 20% discount off their main menu pricing 

11. What happens if I suddenly have to leave the island

As with all property rentals, you will be committed for the duration of your contract. Unless you are certain on your duration, we advise members to book in blocks of 3 months at a time. It is advisable to let us know with as much notice as possible and no less than a month if your wish to extend your stay

12. Do I have to pay all the rent upfront

You may choose to pay all of it upfront but you can also pay monthly. You will be required to also pay a one-month deposit which is refundable at the end of your tenancy provided you have met all your terms and conditions as with any standard tenancy agreement.

13. Does each traveling party need a membership?

If you are a family or couple or friends that require one accommodation, then you only need one membership and the lead person will have all the access. However, for things such gym access, golf access, squash access – if more than one person is going to require access then you need to consider the couple (for 2 people) or family (for up to 5 people) memberships.

14. When do I get my membership card

Your membership card will be in your welcome pack on arrival

15. What are the membership benefits and when can I start using them

Once you are a member (upon approval) you will be able to login to the hub portal where you can see all member benefits and also meet other members. Access to your membership hub on the website will offer you exclusive lifestyle benefits and access to reciprocal clubs around the world.

16. What are the membership fees?

Standard Individual Membership is $495 per annum. Couples membership is $850 per annum and family membership is $1500 per annum. The amount you pay on sign up is the amount you pay for the lifetime of your membership. 


For each person you recommend to WorkMango and becomes a member, we will give you US$50 worth of credit to be used at any of our partner facilities. All they have to do is use your name as proposer during the application process. 

17. What if I want to transfer from one location to the other e.g. Barbados to Antigua

Provided there is availability on the island you want to transfer to and it is the end of your current term, we will accommodate your request with no fees for doing so unless you are upgrading your package. Should you wish to transfer in the middle of your term, then fees will be chargeable unless there is a like for like replacement on the waiting list. Please consult with your account manager for further details…

18. Who can apply to be a member? If I apply today and I do not know anyone to recommend me as a proposer, how can I become a member and how does the process work?

Anyone wishing to temporarily or perhaps permanently relocate to paradise and live a life full of mangoes can apply to become a member. The selection and approval process is easy. In the first instance, fill out the application form and pay for membership. We are looking for great-minds – people with a passion for personal growth, living beyond mere existence, looking to thrive in today’s groundhog society.

19. What are the accommodation rates?

Please use out accommodation calculator as a rough guide. Using WorkMango for 3months will work out cheaper than staying in a hotel or AirBnB plus you get the added benefits. It is also cheaper than comparable rates for similar and equivalent central London or Manhattan, New York prices. It is however, more expensive than sorting out a long term let for yourself - however, do you really want the hassle and also miss out on all the membership benefits?

There are 3 Accommodation groups:

- live amongst locals in the middle of the island (cheapest option)

Ocean View - likely in an expat community and close to but not on the beach

Beach Front - generally within a minute to two from the beach (most expensive option)

Accommodation categories:

There are 6 size categories: 


Shared villa - from 10 to 20 people sharing a 5 - 10 bed villa - see Nomad Villa 

1 bed, 1 bath

2 bed, 2bath

3 bed, 3 bath

4 bed, 4 bath


Pricing in each category is fixed and it will be up to the service to find matching available properties on the islands within each category - please refer to price chart.

20. List of member benefits and optional services

  • Palm trees and mangoes  (included) 
  • Immigration/ Visa application assistance (optional extra)
  • Airport Meet and Greet (included)
  • Welcome pack and guest directory (included
  • Valet Service for transportation, Car Rental or Taxi on Demand (optional extra)
  • Accommodation (included)
  • Healthcare insurance (optional extra)
  • Tours & Excursions  - On-Island & nearby Islands - Montserrat, Barbuda, St. Kitts/Nevis, Dominica, Circumnavigation by boat, Eco-tours (optional extra)
  • Member Events (access included – food and drink not included)
  • Real Estate – looking to purchase a property, let us assist you, arrange viewings and advise of all the best options (included, T&Cs apply)
  • Reciprocal members clubs around the world (included)
  • Discounts at pre-selected bars, restaurants, Hotels and retailers (included)
  • Education – enroll your children into nursery, primary or secondary schools for a term or a year or two (optional extra)
  • Butler service (optional extra)
  • Weekly Housekeeping (included)
  • Daily Housekeeping (optional extra)
  • Private Chef (optional extra)
  • Gym membership (optional extra)
  • Food shopping service (optional extra)
  • Tennis membership (optional extra)
  • Squash membership (optional extra)
  • Personal trainer (optional extra)
  • Yoga classes (optional extra)
  • Golf Club membership (optional extra)
  • Meeting and hangout space offline, your membership hub online (included)
  • Event planning – let us arrange and plan any events you wish to organise (optional extra)
  • Give Back – volunteer and work with the local community while on island – (included)
  • Citizenship by investment program (included)
  • Bespoke concierge services: such as introductions to lawyers, company formation, serving as directors plus other consultancy services such as – Accounting, Conferencing set up, Personal assistant Support, Logistics management, Project Management, Importation, Customs Brokerage, Personnel Recruitment, Courier Services, Maintenance Services, Property development and much more…

21. Why Join WorkMango

  • Online networking platform
  • Physical offline presence in each location 
  • Complimentary benefits such as arrival meet & greet and work spaces 
  • Discounts to facilities such as restaurants, bars, spas…
  • Membership gifts & directory on arrival
  • Trusted insider and local advice
  • Membership to a global community
  • Curated members only events 
  • Membership rewards & points system
  • Exclusive member privileges from partners
  • A 24 hour global concierge service

We’ll do the heavy lifting so all you have to do is pack a bag and turn up!

22. Why would my membership get revoked and what happens if it does. 

As a members club - the only way to maintain our integrity is to have the ability to select our members. It is of course not in our business interests to revoke membership for no reason. The membership you sign up to is for 12 months, however, should we revoke it – It will end on the day that it is revoked. Revocation will only occur when a member’s behaviour is deemed to be unconscionable and irredeemable. All decisions are final. Accommodation will remain in place subject to the length of its term and tenancy conditions, however, all other services will be removed with immediate effect.

For more information please read our  GUIDES SECTION



Accommodation Calculator

  • Location
  • Setting
  • Season
  • Includes*
  • Weekly housekeeper, all bills, all maintenance
Optional Extras
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Laundry service
  • Taxi on demand service
  • Butler service
  • Food shopping service
  • Private Chef
  • Price Estimate

Our pricing structure ensures that we are generally cheaper than a high-end Hotel or AirBnB but slightly more expensive than if you found yourself a long term let of 6 months or more. Our service is designed to take away the headache of trying to arrange everything remotely by yourself and our pricing reflects that. In addition to all the membership benefits available for members, you will have a local expert assisting you. All our properties are of the same or similar standard and would be classed as 3*** or above irrespective of the category or size they may fall under.