Barbados Welcome Stamp - 1 year

Barbados Welcome Stamp - 1 year

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating across many sectors and for many people around the world, it has also opened up opportunities.

As more people are working remotely, in large cities oftentimes in very stressful and difficult living conditions, with little option for a vacation. Barbados’ new 12 month Welcome Stamp, a visa that allows you to relocate and work from one of the world’s most beloved tourism destinations.

The friendly people, professional services, commitment to education and importantly safety and security, all make Barbados an ideal place to live for both single young adults and families.

Application Requirements:

Applicant must be over 18

Applicants wishing to apply under the 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp are required to complete and submit the following documents electronically:

Passport sized photograph

Bio data page of passport

Proof of relationship of dependents

Upon approval and within 28 days the following non-refundable fees are applicable:

Individual – Fee of US $2,000.00 
Family Bundle-  Fee US $3,000.00

Sunny, safe and cosmopolitan Barbados is a lure to anyone whose work is flexible enough to allow them to set up office remotely. If you’re thinking about moving away from densely populated urban centres, want to escape an unforgiving climate, are interested in seeing a new culture or just want a change of scenery for your home office, Barbados gives you a lifestyle that allows for safe and healthy outdoor living on a secure tropical island.

If you’re interested in working remotely in Barbados, you can apply electronically and be easily facilitated. Once approved, the Barbados 12 Month Welcome Stamp visa is valid for one year, and you can also reapply after this period. 

Barbados has all the ingredients for a truly inspiring home away from home. The country is sunny, safe, and you will always be close to a beautiful beach. Food and partying are at the centre of Bajan culture. Whether a weekend ‘lime’, a beach picnic, or a barbeque with friends, food and socializing are an undeniable aspect of living in Barbados.

Barbados offers you the backdrop of idyllic beaches, tropical landscape and work-life balance. And, you’ll still be earning your global salary. Barbados has a solid infrastructure in place, with a stable economy, good healthcare facilities, world class education from nursery to university level, and reliable and fast Internet connectivity. Barbados gives you a lifestyle that allows for safe and healthy outdoor living on a secure tropical island.