Things To Do In Barbados

Things To Do In Barbados


Sun-worshippers who live for days on the beach regard this Caribbean island as a paradise. There is plenty of variety around the relatively small coastline; the eastern shore facing the Atlantic is certainly wilder, making it ideal for surfers. Things are quieter in the south and even more so in the sheltered west; it is in the west where the softest sand and the largest beaches are found. Even in the north – where there are significant cliffs, there are still small, sandy coves. Wherever you go in Barbados, there is a beach waiting.

Nature Parks

Barbados has a few nature parks such as Farley Park, A touch of Eden and Chancery Lane.

Farley Park

Once the site of a beautiful mansion built by Sir Graham Briggs for the entertainment of royalty including King George V in 1879, today Farley Hill has been designated a national park by Barbadian Government. And though the mansion itself was destroyed by fire in 1965, the gutted remains still stand and provide an ideal setting for a picnic and a day of fun in the park, while offering stunning views of the island’s southern point.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Internationally acclaimed, the animal kingdom of Barbados, where animals (of the non-dangerous variety) roam freely amongst visitors. More dangerous animals can be seen, but are kept enclosed.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Andromeda Botanic Gardens is an amazing, Barbados National Trust garden with an unparalleled collection of plants, situated on the east coast. ‘One of the most special gardens in the world’.


Outdoor activities

Between the beach and the ocean, Barbados offers unlimited ways to have fun! Add to the wealth of your travel experiences with many island adventure watersports including jet-skiing, boogie boarding and paddle boarding, surfing  and high-octane kitesurfing. Visit the east coast to picnic under shady trees at Bath or Bathsheba, and beachcomb on Cattlewash, one of the longest beaches of Barbados. On the south and west coasts, a multitude of small boats offer short trips to swim with the turtles. You can skipper a Hobie Cat or kayak, try your hand at spearfishing, take a deep-sea fishing charter, or spend a day aboard a luxury catamaran, cruising crystal-clear seas like a celebrity. There are no limits to what you can do in Barbados

Historic sites and landmarks

Bridgetown is a port town and the capital of Barbados. Its central business district is the national centre serving as the primary focus for major office, parliamentary and shopping services for the island. The Garrison is one of eight Cultural Heritage Conservation Areas on the island and represents a very distinguished era of military colonial history. Within the precincts of this Site, there are one hundred and fifteen listed buildings. Barbados combines visually stunning buildings with the chance to learn about the famous historical architects behind them. The combination of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison represents a worthy collection of history, colonial and vernacular architecture and good elements of the art and science of town planning. On June 25, 2011 Barbados joined an elite group of nations with world heritage properties when Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

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