Travel Preparations Checklist

Travel Preparations Checklist


Both Antigua and Barbados have successfully managed the pandemic, limiting infection and spread to small numbers, making them both safe havens to retreat from highly infectious metropolises around the world. 

Please be advised that in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, you will be required to present a negative test result, taken within the last 72 hours before travel. Please ensure you have your test results before boarding the plane. This will not only speed up entry into the country, it will also reduce the likelihood of quarantine on arrival.

Obviously bring your passport! But also ensure it has 6 months more than the duration your expect to stay away. Do carry photocopies and ideally e-mail a copy to a personal e-mail address. These precautions will make the replacement process quicker and less costly if your passport magically disappears for some unknown reason.


There are currently no Visa requirements into Antigua or Barbados for UK, Canada and US citizens, however, please ensure that you always check before travelling, so as not to have any issues. Permission from foreign governments may be required for you to enter their countries. You must have your passport to apply.


Unless you have the Digital Nomad Residency Visa for Antigua or the Barbados Welcome Stamp, you will need a round-trip ticket. Make a photocopy of your ticket (or e-ticket). Keep backup copies separate from the originals.


Always have multiple forms of money: cash, debit and credit cards. Ensure you inform your bank that you are travelling and how long you will be gone for – so they do not block your bank access for ‘suspicious activity’. Never carry large amounts of cash. WorkMango allows you to pay us for all your services – please refer to optional extras reducing the necessity for you to carry out many transactions. We also recommend using REVOLUT - One app for all things money.
From your everyday spending, to planning for your future with savings and investments, Revolut helps you get more from your money especially if you are travelling with no hidden fees and direct currency exchanges


Mark all luggage inside and out with your name and address. Travel as light as possible. Afterall you are coming to paradise – where the attire is minimalist – sandals, shorts, t-shirts and perhaps a shirt to pretend you are in work attire for your Zoom meetings!


Regardless of your itinerary, you should be up-to-date on routine vaccines, such as measles/mumps/rubella, varicella, and seasonal flu. Crew members and fellow travellers often come from countries where these diseases are more common or where vaccination is not routine. Vaccinations are recommended though not an entry requirement 


Membership to WorkMango does not include travel insurance for the duration of your stay – we are however able to assist in getting you local health insurance for the duration of your stay. Please let us know if you require this service. There are many companies online that offer travel insurance - please ensure that you check out your insurance policy and ensure it meets all your needs. Should it not, for whatever reason – please take out additional cover for your needs. Do not assume that personal insurance will apply while abroad. 

Assess Health & Safety Risks

While we are here to help, please ensure that you are satisfied with advice and recommendations on travelling, as it is your personal responsibility to ensure that you are covered.
Next of Kin

Please be sure to notify us of your next of kin – so we are always able to reach them should the need arise. Leave copies of your travel abroad itinerary with family members and others who are close to you.
Strongly Recommended & Things to Consider


Take everything you will need for the trip, along with copies of all prescriptions and the generic names of drugs. Keep medicines in the original labelled drugstore containers. Take extra eyeglasses or contacts and the prescription.

Driver's License

On arrival – should you wish to drive – you can obtain a local licence or a temporary licence depending on the duration of your visit. The fee for this will be included in your car hire or rental price. 

Computers & Electronic devices

Write down serial numbers, bring copies of receipts to avoid duty taxes, and make sure insurance and warranties are up to date (many home or renters' insurance will cover computers). Be aware of differences between electrical current to avoid damage – adapters are recommended.

Finding Things

Such as a doctor, dentist, gym, golf, supermarket etc – we will provide you with a guest directory on arrival that will contain all useful information, guides and directions. All you have to do is read it