Handy Tips for Working from the Beach

Handy Tips for Working from the Beach

Handy Tips for Working from the Beach

Despite the beautiful images flooding the internet - working at the beach is an art form that needs to be mastered. You can't just pitch up and expect to have a wondrous work and beach experience, it takes some advance planning to ensure it all goes to plan!

Tip 1.

Plan it!

Thats right - what beach are you going to? Is there seating? How good and reliable is the WIFI going to be? Is there a cafe / bar nearby? Where can you charge your laptop or phone? Is it shaded? Is it busy? Will you be able to get on a call? Will you be able to see your laptop screen in the sunshine? How will your colleagues feel when they see you on a call? Have you got sunscreen? Will you be able to stay hydrated? Should you decide to go for a dip in that beautiful crystal clear turquoise - blue sea, where are you storing your phone and laptop? What is your work attire (to still look professional for those pesky Zoom meetings) and have you got your trunks or bikini underneath or will you need to change? If so - where?... We know it seems a lot but unless you are prepared - it could all go PETE TONG as they say!

Tip 2:

You've found a nice beach bar/restaurant/cafe - don't take the p**s!

Remember - its a place of business - so expect to spend a little on food and drink. Do not nurse one glass of water all day and expect the staff to look after your belongings while you sun yourself and frolic in the ocean... Remember - you're already getting free WIFI - do the right thing and give a little back!

Tip 3:


If this doesnt work, then chances are neither will you unless you are writing your lifelong memoir! But we all know life is nowhere near as fun without good internet so check the speed before you commit to a location. If you leave it to chance, you may have to go somewhere else and disturb your full working day.


Tip 4:

Never take sand to the beach!

So you've really committed to working from the beach, good for you! Thats all well and good until you decide you want to go to a beach full of distractions. Scantily clad men and women are generally not great for getting a lot of work done. So in truth either pick a beach you know is quiet or go to one knowing that you will be distacted and thats ok because whatever you are working on is really not that serious!  


Tip 5:.

Lumbar Support!

Working on the sand is adventurous but not practical if you don't have a the right support for your back or your device. So whats the plan here? Perhaps a foldable umbrella, table and chair? Just depends on how serious you are on working while feeling the sand between your toes - because that is the dream!

Tip 6:

How about Power?

Well just how long do you plan on working from the beach? All day? In that case, you need to come fully charged up, but also know how you will replenish your devices when they start to run low. If you are in a bar, restaurant or cafe sit by a power point in case its not later available should someone else use it when you need it. Plan B - take a power bank with you!

Tip 7:

Say What?

Ear pods, headphones, basic noise control if you really dont want to be disturbed. Strangers will generally leave you alone except the really brave or obnoxious. Also means you are not drawn into other people's business...

Tip 8: 

Respect your environment!

Never leave a place messier than you found it (unless thats whats expected i.e. a waiter will clear your plates). Do not litter! And ofcourse be mindful of others. Do not bring your drama to public spaces, avoid if at all possible any difficult, personal or confidential work conversations around others.

Tip 9:

Pandemic Times

So protocol protocol protocol... Take time to understand the local protocols and follow them. Just less hassle overall... Try and keep your own sanitiser to hand as well as a mask as standard.

Tip 10:

Final Tip

Look after your belongings, if you bring your laptop out, remember it has value!
Tip the staff if you have been there all day and they've looked after you. Travel lightly when working at the beach but remember it's not your house, so don't bring your house with you!!!





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