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WorkMango is designed to help you achieve harmony, a life in balance with work. Here we have sourced tools and programmes to help you attain just that. And while we really want you in paradise, we understand that it is not always possible - but where ever you are, we want to be there right alongside you bringing you some sunshine and mangoes!

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The list below is non- exhaustive and as we continue to grow our membership, we will actively add new material.

Our content ranges from workshops to guides and tools to give you focus when you work and to help you recharge when you step away. Once you become a member, you will have access to the full programme and benefits.


Creative Soul Deck


The Creative Soul Deck is a forty two card intuitive oracle deck designed to explore the inner landscape and creative purpose. Each deck is printed in small batch runs in Cambridge, UK on FSC certified card with immersive imagery to evoke sensory connection. As an intuitive practice, cards can be drawn from the deck in singles or multiples and can be used as guidance on specific questions or simply to prompt deeper self exploration. Each deck includes a 50 page meanings booklet with an index of each card’s guidance. These meanings contain reflections and prompts for each card. 

NB*: Each deck is £50 / $70 and includes postage and packaging. We aim to fulfill all orders within 14 days. All packages are sent from the UK and delivery times may vary for international locations. We will contact you if there are any delivery issues.






Do you need assistance with getting ahead? We run a peer mentoring group where we match WorkMango members that are open to being either or both the mentor or mentee.  We facilitate the initial meetings and then let you make your own arrangements  and discuss follow up sessions. 


Read our Mentoring Guide


Workshops and virtual co-working sessions


Working from anywhere is great but it can sometimes feel alone and unfocused. We provide you with the opportunity to meet and work with other people who are in the same boat. Not only does this focus your work, it also builds new and lasting relationships

Each session is facilitated by a WorkMango facilitator to ensure everyone involved is getting the most out of it 

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Did you know that even low levels of ongoing stress and anxiety breaks down your immune system and makes you less ‘intelligent’?

Through decades of research, this novel technology is designed to gently soothe your nervous system from the very first session.

As a benefit to WorkMango members, you receive a £20 / $25 voucher from the folks at the Sensate. 


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SLOW Living sessions


Through immersive aesthetics, innovative sustainable practices and eco-conscious principles we help you navigate a more holistic approach to life with sessions from people already successfully practising SLOW Living.

What is Slow Living? Read our Guide




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Our pricing structure ensures that we are generally cheaper than a high-end Hotel or AirBnB but slightly more expensive than if you found yourself a long term let of 6 months or more. Our service is designed to take away the headache of trying to arrange everything remotely by yourself and our pricing reflects that. In addition to all the membership benefits available for members, you will have a local expert assisting you. All our properties are of the same or similar standard and would be classed as 3*** or above irrespective of the category or size they may fall under.